LG7 Intro

Prepublication last draft of introduction to LG7:

‘It is a great misconception to think that most offices are in large modern self-contained blocks or even ‘skyscrapers'. If fact most offices occur in parts of other building such as factories, hospitals or libraries or are small collections of rooms above shops. Wherever the office and what ever its size it deserves to be lit well. Whether a lawyer’s office is on the twentieth floor of Canary Wharf or above the local butcher’s shop it needs to have the best lighting for the tasks that the lawyer needs to perform.

The other misconception is that office lighting is all about creating a uniform lighting level across the whole space. What is needed is uniform lighting across each task area, which normally consists of relatively small areas on each desk. The lighting in the wider office space can and indeed should vary somewhat to create visual interest. Even the most dedicated office worker looks up from their work from time to time and when they do they need to see an interestingly-lit office space and ideally a more distant view out of a window.

By understanding the building and the visual requirements of the users of an office space and by considering all possible lighting options a lit environment can be created for each office space that not only provides the required levels of lighting for each task but provides an interesting and stimulating lit environment for people to work in.’


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